Sole Change

Our feet change throughout our lives. Skin colour, texture, shape and even foot size will alter over time. Often these shifts can occur in minute increments and other times they can alter almost overnight.

Britney Spears is quoted as saying her “toes are really ugly”. Yet, when she first started her singing career her feet looked well balanced, even coloured and relaxed. Fast forward a few years to when she hit a troubled and dark period and those feet have now become red, bruised and gnarled reflecting how angry, hurt and acutely distressed she has become.

I have a client who perfectly illustrates the opposite case. For a number of years his feet have constantly been plagued with small, red flaking spots. They have not been causing discomfort but have proved resistant to intervention and have intensified and lessoned but have never disappeared altogether.

As a feet reader, I have told him that such red and flaky skin signifies irritation at a problem he thinks has been resolved but keeps raising it’s heard again and again. These issues are making him cross and unhappy. These marks also only appear on the areas of his feet that relate to work and his private life.

This is very significant because for the last 30 years he has been director of a successful family business. However, it was never the direction he wished to pursue as a career, but family obligations led him into this particular area of work. The company has prospered but his heart was not in it. Now he has finally taken the enormous step of resigning his directorship and stepping out in another direction where his talents and abilities can truly be tested and satisfied. And guess what? Yep, all the flaking and redness has gone reflecting the burden that he feels has been lifted from his shoulders.

Feet reading looks at the emotion behind the physical appearance. So if you have an issue with your feet by all means see a professional for advice and treatment. However, if it is still not resolved, maybe it’s time to look at what’s going on in your life and your emotional response, to get to the sole of the problem.

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