Sample Reading

When I do a reading I start by looking at the top of the feet and then move on to look at the sole. The top of the foot is what we present to the world, what we are happy to show and share.  However, underneath, on the sole, is what’s really going on and what we hold dear to ourselves and don’t broadcast to everybody.

So, what do these feet reveal?  Well, by just looking at the tops I can already tell a lot  about their owner, their emotions, their personality and what’s happening in their lives.

Firstly, I can see that the big toe is starting to lean towards the other toes, so here is someone who does a lot for others.  The angle is not extreme but they should be aware of making time for themselves and know when to say “no”.  On a similar note, they have a good pair of shoulders for friends to cry on but need to watch they don’t take on other peoples problems as their own.

They also think a lot but don’t say all that they’re thinking, they keep their thoughts to themselves and put protection around their thinking.

They express themselves very diplomatically, they can get their point across without being abrupt.  However, they can tend to over express their emotions, more so now, than in the past.  This may be good when they are in a happy mood but not so great in a bad one!  They are methodical, detail orientated and like to do things from start to finish without being interrupted.  However, if they don’t want to do something nothing will make them do it, so don’t waste your breath!

They are also creative but can be prone to negative self talk and self doubt.

The hairs on the toes indicate sensitivity which they tend to hide by putting on a show of bravado – so they may pretend to be full of chat and jokes to mask how nervous or uncomfortable they feel inside.

The fourth toe on the right is starting to curve round towards the third toe showing that they have things around them that they attach memories to and find it hard to have a clear out.  The fourth toe on the left foot also curves but this shows they are more comfortable being around people they know and are familiar with.

Both little toes show they have a love nature and the simple things in life like watching a beautiful sunset, throwing snowballs, jumping in puddles, noticing nature around them, etc.  The little toes also reveal a bit of a rebel – they don’t mind if they go against convention, they enjoy going against the grain and are up for an adventure!

The second toes are interesting because they are not touching the floor which says they are not sure of what they want in life, they haven’t really found their niche yet.

There is also dryness on the feet revealing a bit of self nurturing wouldn’t go amiss.  The redness on the feet and toes indicates upset and some anger particularly to do with their sense of security and moving forwards to take their next steps.

There is also self discipline in these feet and an indication of being exposed to a disciplined environment, not a great amount, but maybe a few house rules apply!

Remember, this is what these feet want us to know about them because this reading is purely from the top.  Underneath could be a whole different story revealing what they  hold close to their soul.