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Here’s my feet reading of BBC snooker legend, Ronnie o’Sullivan’s feet. Scroll to 4.00 mins


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Featured in Surrey Life Magazine

by Adele Mitchell, an award-winning beauty and lifestyle editor

What: Feet Reading with reflexologist Anne Scardarella.
Where: Anne has a treatment room in Farnham or will travel to your home.
Why: Feet Reading is based upon Chinese medicine: a ‘reading’ of the unique characteristics of your feet and toes helps you gain insight into your emotions and personality.
The treatment: Anne takes a good look at your feet and then gives a reading based upon what she sees. Feet change with your emotions: each toe, for instance, carries its own significance – for example a wide big toe means you are brimming with ideas, while a small pinkie indicates you take delight in simple things and your sense of adventure is to the fore. A high arch is a sign of drive and determination, while webbed toes signify that once you have decided you don’t want to do something, you can’t be budged!
Result: A fun but insightful analysis (and very accurate!).
How much? £40 per session with Anne, or a group fee of £20 per person (max eight people).
Tip: Book a private consultation or invite friends round for a Feet Reading party: it’ll certainly give you something a little different to talk about!

Featured in Farnham Living lifestyle magazine


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