From Flip Flops to Chunky Socks

This time last week I was wearing flip flops, strappy sandals and summer flats whilst enjoying the gorgeous September sunshine. My toes basked in the Indian summer warmth. Alas, not so now.

With a heaving sole, it’s time to pack away those summer fripperies that won’t see the light of day until next year. Going back to socks, boots and heavy shoes is inevitable and there’s no turning back.

But don’t get cold feet! Here are some tips for looking after autumnal feet:

1. Now we are back to socks and tights make sure they are made from natural fibres. Cotton socks are great for letting feet breath and lifting moisture away from the skin. If feet are encased in synthetics they are going to sweat more which is not nice for anyone. Always wash after wearing once only!

2. Autumn leaves look beautiful but can be slippery on your sole. Make sure you have sufficient grip on your shoes. If you love teetering towers then slip a pair of flats into your bag for changing.

3. Make sure you keep feet clean, dry and well moisturised with a good quality foot cream. Don’t forget to trim toe nails too. No getting lazy now they are not on show!

4. If in doubt go and see your local podiatrist they will sort out any problems. Make sure they are fully qualified and insured. Your feet have to carry you through life. Cars get an MOT, so should your feet.

5. Reflexology is a wonderful way to treat your feet. It’s great for stress busting, relaxation, circulation, a stronger immune system, increased energy levels and a great sense of wellbeing.
Again, always check out their qualifications and insurance.

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