What Is Feetreading

What is Feet Reading?
As a feet reader I look at feet to tell you all about your personality and emotions. By studying the colour, lines, imperfections and perfections of each foot I can reveal so much about your character and how you’ve lived, and are living, your life.

From verrucas to varnish, length of toes to height of arches, everything on your feet says something about you and your own personal history.  Feet reading can get to the heart of your sole!

What use is Feet Reading?
Feet reading is great fun!  I can amaze you by telling you what I know about you purely by looking at your feet.  And we all love to hear a bit about ourselves!

Feet reading is also a valuable tool for personal growth, helping you to recognise and address emotional issues so that you can step ahead with your best foot forward.

If there is an issue in your life, that you are struggling with, that issue will manifest in your feet.  And it can come as a bit of a surprise to have a complete stranger tell you all about your quick temper, indecisiveness or drama queen attributes – you will know all about them – even if you are not keen to own up to them!  So, by bringing such tendencies to your attention hopefully it can begin a new step in the right direction.

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Feet reading is also wonderful when used in conjunction with reflexology.