Tulisa Contostavlos

The first thing I notice about Tulisa’s feet is how the right foot big toe leans over towards the other toes.  This reveals that, certainly in the past, she has done a lot for others. The left foot’s toe looks a little straighter indicating that she has now learned where to draw her boundaries.  

Her big toe shows she had fantastic visual skills and can picture things in her head and how they are going to work out.  It also tells us she loves a chat!

Her second and third toes show an impatient streak and how rushed her life can be at the moment.

It looks as if Tulisa has a low arch to her foot so she is happy to accept help and support.  She is also a very social lady and enjoys being with people, loves the company of others.

Her little toe reveals her rebellious side and sense of adventure.

There are quite a few lines across her toes so, when this picture was taken, it looks as if she has a lot on her mind, particularly regarding her work and personal life.

The pinky, orange choice of nail varnish says Tulisa is looking for affection and a few more laughs in her life right now.