Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, Hollywood elite of the highest order, but what’s going on underfoot here?
This picture is a little distant but what strikes me is the colour of his feet. They have a distinct yellow hue. Particularly the ball and heel of the foot.

Tom is showing his left foot which, in feet reading terms, also represents what’s happening in his life, now. Right reflects the past.
The ball of the foot reveals our feelings. The heel is linked to our security and how safe we feel about our lives and stepping forward.
Combining all this, it looks as if Tom is feeling fed up, a bit cheesed off, hence the yellow colour. This is having an impact on his emotions and how he’s feeling about taking his next steps and what’s coming up for him.

It looks as if there are some worry lines on his instep too so this concern is reflecting across his work and private life too.
Tom has a very high arch echoing is drive and resilience. Despite his high profile and busy work schedule he very much needs time to himself to re-energise and bring balance back into his life. Time away from the public eye is extremely necessary for him to bring equilibrium and stability back into his life.

Just a quick footnote! His short little toe shows a great sense of fun and childlike silliness -now that’s a surprise!