Simon Cowell

The music mogul himself. Much is written about him but little is known of his true soul. Maybe this will throw a little insight.

The first thing I notice when I look at Simon’s feet is his big toe. It’s much longer than his other toes and a long, big toe belongs to those who are natural brainstormers. Their mind works overtime. They have so many ideas, inspirations and answers. They are winners and make a huge impact.

Looking at his feet from below, I can’t see any toe necks. Toe necks represent expression. So he plays his cards close to his chest. He may appear to be full of big time talk but the true SC remains privately, and firmly, under wraps.
There is a vertical line running downwards between his big toe and second toe. Such a line reveals a divide in his life. It usually occurs when there has been a major change or emotional happening that has had a big impact on his feelings and cut quite deeply.

The horizontal lines across the top half of his instep show his work commitment. We all hear that he throws himself into his work and here’s the proof. Those lines represent continual thought and concern – mind going all the time. No way does he drag his heels when it comes to the daily grind!