Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Peter has ‘doing’ feet, hard working, always on the go feet.  Coupled with that, he has the ability to multi task, so thinking twenty things and putting ten things into action at the same time.  However, that said, when he does finally sit down, it’s a really full stop – that’s it, do it yourself,
I’m not budging – kind of idea.

Peter does an awful lot of thinking, especially where his work and private life are concerned – almost over thinking these areas of this life.  There is also a lot of creativity in his toes and his big toe shows just what a ‘busy’ head he has – full of ideas.

He has a fabulous pair of shoulders for friends to bring their problems to and is probably always there with a cup of tea and box of Kleenex but he needs to be careful not to take on their emotional problems as his own.

We know Peter is always happy to chat but what he really holds dear, he keeps close to himself and doesn’t broadcast it to just anyone, particularly where his family and private life are concerned.

It looks as if he has a lot of drive and determination and strong inner resources.  Interestingly, although he is a very social character, if he is with too many people for too long his energy can drain away.  He needs time by himself to re-energise and bring himself back into balance – and then he’s ready to go again. I think it’s quite important he makes time to do this.

There are also a few lines running through his family and private life, indicating that he had been thinking deeply about these around the time the photo was taken.

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