Kerry Katona

Kerry’s known for saying exactly what she thinks and it’s written all over her feet.

Her broad big toe shows how keen she is to chat and chat and chat and chat!.  However, sometimes there is an indication that she should think first, before opening her mouth!

Kerry is also the proud owner of a fine set of drama queen feet!  Those narrow to wide toes shows how she can over express almost all aspects of her life – great when she’s feeling upbeat but not so good if it’s a bad day! She can also be a little impatient.

Interestingly, from this shot, her feet are saying that although she is surrounded by glamour and glitz, deep down materialism is not that important to her. Her priorities lie elsewhere.

Kerry’s fourth toe, left foot, reveals that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will know when it’s time to cut people loose. Both little toes show a wonderful sense of adventure and a love of keeping things fresh and lively in her life. 9 to 5 is definitely not for her!