Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has size nine feet which, even though she is a lovely tall lady, is still a large foot size!  This immediately shouts how much she loves the limelight.  When she walks into a room, she demands attention, a bit of a ‘Taa dahh, here I am, look at me!’  She was once quoted as saying “When you’re on your feet all the time, I swear they grow”.  Again this confirms her confidence and how at home she is with being in the spotlight.

Kelly’s second toe on her right foot is slightly raised indicating that in the past she had lost her way with what she wanted in life. However, now something has changed and she’s much happier with how things are going.  Interestingly, although she is surrounded by gorgeous clothes, glitz and glamour, her feet are saying that materialism isn’t that important to her. It’s nice to have lovely stuff, but for Kelly there are more important things in her life.

Of her feet, she has also said “I want the side next to my small toe reduced.  It’s too big.”  Please don’t Kelly!  It shows what a good pair of shoulders you have for people to bring their problems to.  It can say that she’s had responsibility dumped on those shoulders and may have taken on more than she bargained for but has just had to put up and get on with it.

Her big toe reveals a streak of self discipline and no doubt she sets herself high standards.