Katie Price

Katie has size 9 feet, which, in relation to her height, is very unusual.  Such long feet demand recognition.  When Katie walks into a room, you know she’s there!  She loves the limelight and adores being the centre of attention.  

It looks as if she has a fairly flat arch which shows how sociable she is, preferring  people around her, rather than being on her own for too long.

Her long, straight fourth toe says she doesn’t suffer fools gladly – so don’t cross her! Her big toe indicates how much she loves to talk and how many ideas and plans she has.

Her choice of nail varnish says, that at the time of this picture, she was looking for a bit of affection and was feeling rather down.

Surprising underneath all the glitter and razzmatazz she is a sensitive soul and can be easily hurt, though she may not show it.