Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes. A very beautiful lady also known as the ex Mrs Tom Cruise. However, look at her toes. The feet certainly don’t match the face.

Why are they so scrunched up, discoloured and downright knobbly?

Her poor old toes look as if they are held back and clinging to the soles of her shoes for dear life. They are saying that she is most definitely not fulfilling her full potential. She is holding back an awful lot of herself both emotionally and physically. But why is this happening? Note the prominent tendons that are also present on the top of her feet.

These appear when we are under pressure from outside influence. We feel we cannot express what we would like either because we feel we simply cannot or because there is control imposed that prevents us from true expression.

The knobbly look of her toes echoes her hesitation in communicating clearly. The length of the toes look narrow to wide back to narrow and finally wide. She’s thinking “shall I say what I think? No, I won’t. Umm shall I? No. Oh, go on then I will”. There’s a definite dither about being upfront either because she feels she cannot express what she wishes to say or because there is an outside influence preventing her from venting her true emotions.

With the news about her marital split maybe her toes will finally be able to relax and express her true sole?