Kate Middleton

What do our future queen’s feet say about her?

Kate’s big toe reveals that she is a great communicator and loves a good chat too.  This is confirmed by the length of the other toe necks.  She is level headed, confident and has a good brain.  She is happy to go with the flow and has a well balanced head on her shoulders.

There is an indication that Kate not always says exactly what she’s feeling – the toes are slightly bent and pulled in.

Kate is a loyal, good friend and always has a shoulder for friends to cry on.  She is also motivated by helping people but she needs to remember it’s ok to sometimes say no and not take on too much of other people’s problems. She has a lovely, diplomatic nature and can put her point across clearly and firmly without being abrupt or stubborn and would be unhappy if she thought she’d upset someone through something she’d said.

Kate’s little toe looks as though she is a bit of a closet rebel – appearing to follow convention but secretly being a little bit of a rebel behind the scenes and having great fun too!!  She is also a family girl and looks to her family before moving forward and taking her next steps.   And boy, has she got next steps to take!!