Gaby Roslin

What I first notice about Gaby’s feet is her wide big toe.   This shows how much she loves a chat, is a very happy to share her opinions with everyone and will always have something to say! The right big toe looks a little red so when this picture was taken there was concern, and maybe a little anger, in her thinking – something was giving her cause for concern.

Her second toe shows either a little bit of impatience or the pace at which she lives – moving from one thing to another in quick succession, in order to get all that she has to do, done.  It also looks as if she puts a huge amount of her emotional energy into her work. 

Third toes show lots of drive, determination and creativity.  Interestingly enough, her fourth toes indicate that materialism is not that important to her.  It’s nice to have things around her but her priorities lie elsewhere.  She also knows when to cut people loose and doesn’t suffer fools gladly!

The little toes are pretty well hidden but they look like there’s a wonderful childlike sense of fun bursting to get out to play – skipping down the road, jumping in puddles, nature and the simple things in life give Gaby a lot of joy.

Her brown nail varnish indicates that, at the time, she was probably looking for move comfort and nurturing in her life.  Possibly a little bit more ‘me’ time and TLC.