Brand and Perry

Both have extremely long toe necks showing how good they are at expressing themselves and their ideas. However, interestingly, Katy’s second toe is a lot longer than Russell’s.  She is ambitious, dynamic and resourceful but needs to be careful as all this go getting can easily turn into bossiness if she’s not in a leadership role.  I think she may be the one who wears the trousers in their relationship. There are rumours that their split was  fuelled by Katy’s refusal to put her career on hold to start the family that Russell craves.  Judging by her toes she sure has a strong desire to lead and succeed. Russell, on the other hand (or foot) is probably much more of a multitasker, delegating effectively and uses his charm  and wit to get people to go along with what he’s thinking.

The other obvious similarity is the length of their little toes.  Both are extremely short when compared to the fourth toe.  These two have a superb sense of devilish fun!  They can become easily bored and routiene is not for them in any form whatsoever.  They are great company and have a wonderful child-like sense of fun – however, they’ve got to grow up sometime …

Both Katy and Russell’s feet look like they can wiggle their little toes separtately from the rest indicating their adventurous, bold and a flirty natures!

Their fourth toes show how important family and their private lives are to both of them and they are always there for a shoulder to cry on when true friends need them. Interestingly, neither is particularly materialistic.

Just going back to Katy’s little toe, in this picture it looks as if the left toe has become ungrounded and is not sitting in true contact with the sole of her shoe.  If this is the case it shows she has a lot of worry and trust issues about going forward with her life.  Her purpleish nail varnish looks great but even this says that she very much wants to be respected for who she is – she’s looking for respect, admiration and dignity.

Maybe Russell should have checked out Katy’s tootsies before jumping in with both feet?